a network of qualified

clinical trial vendors

Access a curated network of qualified vendors and contractors that meet your unique trial needs. Contact us if you’re interested in becoming part of our marketplace for clinical research services.

Access a network of qualified vendors.

Why join channel clinical?


Build relationships based on confidence that your vendor partners have been qualified from the start.


Streamline study costs by re-focusing internal expertise and resources while optimizing your external team.


We identify and deliver qualified vendors for your specific, niche needs so you don’t have to do the searching.


Position your organization to win new development business with the right mix of vendor expertise and capabilities.


How do you qualify vendors?

We qualify each vendor in our marketplace using qualitative and quantitative data collected through interviews and assessments.

How do I participate in the marketplace?

Contact us if you’re ready for our team to support your outsourcing needs and identify qualified vendors that fit your exact needs. Our team will be in touch with next steps and onboarding procedures.

What kind of sponsors are part of the marketplace?

We’re looking to serve clinical trial sponsors, including:

  • Pharmaceutical and biotech companies
  • Academic institutions
  • Non-profit product development partners (PDPs)
  • United States Government (USG) agencies conducting studies with a focus on medical countermeasures (MCMs)