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Episode 8

Marka Health: Lindsay McGraw on the Business of Taking a Break

Lindsay McGraw, DPT, Founder
Marka Health

Lindsay McGraw is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a wellness advocate, and the owner of Marka Health, a health and wellness company focused on helping individuals and companies improve their overall health, promote teamwork, and attract and retain top talent. Lindsay is a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, a Licensed Physical Therapist, a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist, and a Credentialed Clinical Instructor as well as a registered yoga teacher. She has worked in the physical therapy clinics for over a decade before deciding to start her company.

Lindsay joins me today to share her story of working as a physical therapist to taking the plunge and launching Marka Health. She shares what it was like to step away from her successful career to start her business and the importance of taking a break from your career before launching a business. She also shares how her company has grown and evolved over the last few years and how she finds a balance between growth, implementation, and raising a family.

That’s the thing about entrepreneurship that is so beautiful and such a wonderful opportunity for women in general: it is the freedom and flexibility and really the ability to shine where you’re able to show off your strengths.”

— Lindsay McGraw

Today on When She Founded:

  • Lindsay’s career journey from working in physical therapy clinics to launching her own business
  • Challenges she experienced when starting Marka Health
  • The support Lindsay received from her husband throughout her entrepreneurial journey and how he inspired her to pivot her career path
  • Taking the time and space you need to launch your business
  • How Marka Health has grown and evolved since 2017
  • Finding a balance between growth, implementation, scaling, and raising a family
  • Getting comfortable with fear and being willing to pivot

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