Episode 1

B Side: My Bigger Why

Somer Hamrick, Founder and CEO
Channel Clinical

Welcome to the first episode of When She Founded, the podcast featuring powerhouse female entrepreneurs who share their entrepreneurial story, the challenges and obstacles they’ve faced along the way and the lessons they’ve learned while building thriving businesses. I’m your host, Somer Hamrick, Founder and CEO of Channel Clinical, the curated marketplace for clinical research services, serving both clinical trial sponsors and vendors.

In today’s episode, I share who I am, my career background, and my bigger why for launching the When She Founded podcast. I explain how my career background impacted my decision to launch this entrepreneurial venture and how the lessons I’ve learned along the way have helped me gain clarity on the vision and mission of my company. I share the challenges I’ve faced finding female mentors who have stepped out of the corporate boardrooms to pave their own entrepreneurial paths. I also share how the When She Founded podcast serves as a platform for female founders to be mentors to other women entrepreneurs, so we can all succeed in following our passion.

It’s super important that we do all we can to encourage, inspire, and bring along women to have the support they need to get to those leadership roles.

— Somer Hamrick

Today on When She Founded:

  • My career journey since graduating college in 2000
  • How my career background inspired my vision for Channel Clinical
  • The power of mentorship and why many women struggle to find mentors
  • The goal of the When She Founded podcast and what you can expect from each episode

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