Episode 5

B Side: Female Founders = The Gamechanger for Gender Equity with Eleanor Beaton

Eleanor Beaton
Business and Leadership Coach For Women

Eleanor Beaton is a powerhouse female founder and advocate for gender equity and equality. She is an internationally-recognized expert in women’s leadership and a coach and advisor for growth-focused, impact-oriented female entrepreneurs. Eleanor has earned many accolades, including Canada’s Leadership Coach of the Year by the Corporate Excellence Awards and recognized as “one of the foremost women’s leadership experts in North America” by entrepreneurial guru, Ali Brown. Eleanor has served as Chairwoman of the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program at the Yale School of Management as well as a member of the board of directors for two Canadian venture capital organizations. She is also the host and Executive Producer of The Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast, a top-ranked podcast for female entrepreneurs.

Eleanor joins me today to share how she pivoted her career from working in communications, advertising, and journalism to building her coaching business. We dig into the numbers of successful women-owned businesses that achieve seven-figure revenues and beyond and the common barriers preventing more female founders from breaking through this glass ceiling. We discuss how organizations, particularly in the tech and science industries, can encourage more women to step into leadership roles and claim their rightful seats at the boardroom tables. We also discuss the power of your mindset, having a vision for your company, and maintaining the conviction you need to achieve your business goals.

The primary fuel for any business is going to be the owner's conviction.

— Eleanor Beaton

Today on When She Founded:

  • How Eleanor pivoted her career from communications, advertising, and journalism to become a business coach for growth-oriented women entrepreneurs
  • Why marketing, positioning, communications, and leadership are the four fundamental aspects of building a successful business
  • How Eleanor realized the difference in the way men and women show up at the boardroom tables
  • The percentage of successful women-owned businesses reaching seven-figure revenues and beyond
  • Common barriers preventing many female entrepreneurs from scaling their revenue beyond seven-figures
  • How companies can encourage more women to step into leadership roles
  • Eleanor's advice for female leaders and entrepreneurs
  • The importance of tapping into incubator programs and support programs for female entrepreneurs
  • The power of your vision, beliefs, and conviction as female business owners
  • How Eleanor channels her inner strength during times of uncertainty

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